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storm747 started this conversation

Christmas Help For 2009

Hello everyone, I do have to say that anyone still in need for Christmas, its pretty late in the day to ask and most charities already have their list together and are not accepting names. I will give you suggestions that may still be able to help you. I wish everyone luck and God bless.

Anyone with a legitimate need for themselves, children, or the elderly should contact the Marine Corps Toys for Tots (items for kids 0-16 yrs); the Salvation Army; local Lions Clubs often adopt a needy family for the season; the Red Cross will offer help; many police departments adopt a family for the holidays; Social Service agencies, VFW's, and churches offer help. Use the phone book and your computer to look. You can also check Human Services, they may have ideas on where to look in your community.Contact a church, any church, even if you are not a member they will help you or find someone who will help you. If you have a St. Vinnie's many of them have food pantries. If you have children in school contact the school principal and ask for any help they can give; Many of the Lions Clubs have mitten trees, even local libraries sometimes have mitten trees. You will have to do some calling, but once the word gets out about your need you will be surprised at the help you will get from your own community.

Also for free gifts for kids that have parents in jail. Contact "Project Angel Tree" on the web for a local chapter, (a Christian organization started by Chuck Colson of Watergate fame)

Check local goodwills etc... For new and gently used items. Sometimes you even come upon brand new items there. Make homemade soaps, as well as homemade bath salts, etc. Become a member of the local,, you will be surprised what you will find. I resently received from my freecycle a Xbox with 5 games for my two boys, they loved it works great and to them its new. I suggest that you start now doing all this as time is flying by and there are lots of people in need these days. Good luck and may God bless all of you.

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littlelacie   in reply to Lexi.dawn
Hi,resources that were helping with Christmas have stopped for the year,sorry.
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Hi yes is anyone helping a family in need this year? I'm asking for my mother. She has 6 children including me. She is struggling this year. She just wants us kids to have a good Christmas.
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I am a single Mother of 3 Young Children; my two boys have ADHD age: 8&11 and my daughter has a developmental delay and she is 5 years old. I had two car accidents within one month and due to this i had to spend a lot on physio and mediation for many months there where days I had nothing. Now Christmas is here and I have nothing to give to my children or even to have a nice Christmas dinner. My children are excited about Christmas but they don't even know that I have nothing to give them. All am asking if for some help any small donation or gifts would be great too. I dont mind any thing helpful to me and my family for christmas i would be very grateful... if not no worries thank you for reading and Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

Thank you for reading
Merry Christmas

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Kfair710   in reply to angelagarica209
Praying for you all, what state do you live in?
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Hello my name angel amother of six.its been so stressful for this year i'm at the point of giving up i just lost my home to adrunk drive left me homeless and the lost of my mother and my car gave out its been so hard for me i dont have no one to turn to i was rent a motel room for awhile but couldnt afford it now i rent aroom i just want to give up i really need help .my mother was all i had beside my children i would love for then to have Christmas but ii live on a month to month income with bils and for i dont stay with nothing its bearly the third and im broke.if theres anyone who can would mean alot .
Thank you and god bless.
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Hi my name Linda and a grandmother of 10 I have been so stress especially during this time of year. I lost my brother in Oct,my father in Nov day after. Thanksgiving,my baby sister was murdered and her birthday is 12\22 I have had alot of painful things happen in my life my 5 grandkids moved to Wa while we were making Xmas ornaments stepmom took them and I raised them. From birth till youngest turned6 you can imagine what I went thru still am every year at this time,but I'm asking if there's any way I can get help too have my grandkids here their uncle my youngest son is getting married jan11,14 and my son is trying to get here to be in his brothers wedding, we were wanting to go to wa in June for granddaughters grad nut finance stopping us so I would be so greatful I can have them all be here for wedding I csm celebrate Xmas then we have not seen them in almost 4 yrs my health is not too good I pray that I can see them while I can still walk I could write abook with all the pain hardship I've insured in my like but if you can find it in your heart to help furnish funds to help them to get here I would be so ever in your debt thank you for taking time out to read this Sincerely a broken hearted grandmother
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hi my name is amanda n i have a seven yr old boy n as of now i dont even hsve him onepesent for christmas. we have been without a housr but recently moved into a travel trailer and that took all our money please help me give my son a christmas
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karlaakaro   in reply to Momof21984
Hi my name is karla I am posting on her because I find my self needing help this year to give my children things they need like clothes and shoes. It has been very hard since my husband got laid off and I had to quit my job to take care of my daughter who is dapnie who is 10 and suffers from deformity in her legs, and cant walk. She recently had surgery in her knees in October and has casts on both legs and makes it really hard to do anything because I also have my 18 month old son and 12 year old daughter. It breaks my heart to think that they are not having a Christmas and get clothes and shoes that are needed for them. IF anyone can help it would mean a lot to my kids. and especially to me . please email me back at if you can help !! thanks and godbless you all. have a great day
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Hello i Live un CHiCAGO IL i am a mother of 3 a 3 year old boy a 7year old boy and a one year old Girl last year igot my gifts from a church but they will not have the program thiz year idk what to do i don't have ajob due to my depression beca use i lost my bbygirl to a Fire 3years agoon mothers day :( my housban works but with rent n bills we wont be dable ti buy any gifts PLEASE if you can help us God will bless u and your families please emailme Please Thanku si much
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Please if anyone reads this I'm in need of help this year for my kids this Xmas, i was laid off of my job in October and my husband rarely gets paid enough to get by. I have bigger kids and to see their faces this year when i told them we cant have xmas really hurt them. I am a struggling wife who most of the time works at good jobs but moving to another state and not having a vehicle has been a challenge for me to get the job i deserve and need. I'm lost and sad this year not knowing when a miricale will happen, but i need help.
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Am a mom of 2 kids and a granddaughter that I need help this year brcause my hubby lot his job I have back program but I can't get help any were so any one were I can going let me know please I try a lot of place but know help yet
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Oh please I would love to be added to your list for help, I have a 2 yr old son and a 6 yr old daughter, Im 28 a single mom and i recently got laid off until feb. so im kinda just getting by, my last 2 checks i had to put toward heat and the lights so that i knew they would be warm atleast, I wish i could give them a xmas this yr but i just cant , i do not have the means to do this, So that is y im asking for assistance, as i have never ever been on this side before I have been adopting a family since i was 18 as a family tradition passed down and unfortunantly I guess it is my turn to have to ask for help, So im praying for my 2 childrnes as they may get the needed help to have a semi desent christmas morning . Please give us some consideration , Thank You Tracy
my email is
and I have tried to get help from state agencies but because i have ajob they cant help, and i didnt work long enought o get unemployment :(
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nznz   in reply to jo ze
I know that's right!!!! Um low come mother no money but have my kids xoxo need help as well
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 in response to miranda9752...   Where are you located??
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 in response to miranda9752...   where are you located? I live in knoxville TN...
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 in response to Oliver01...   We live fort worth texas
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hi i i live in canton ohio i need help in getting christmas gifts for my 7 grandbabbies 4 are with me my daughter had a fire so i need someone to help me make christmas sepcial for us i have no funds this would lift my spirits up thank you email at may god bless you and merry christmas
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You guys should list city town stTe or some way people will know if they can
From Daniel R
See you on Aidpage...

You vuys should tell the city town or state your in for
More and faster help!! Thanks!!
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 in response to miranda9752...   Where are you located???
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I am an Aunt of Two Nieces and a Nephew and there mothers are very sick to get there kids anything for Christmas,, i am in need of help for them this year, there ages are 4 yr old girl, 5 yr old boy and a 1 mo old bab niece. Can someone please help
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